Grief Support

All of us must face the reality of death at some point in our lives – the reality of being separated from a cherished loved one.

It is uncomfortable for many people to think about death and contemplate its eventuality. Yet only then can we come to fully understand the value and meaning of our own lives and of those around us. Only then can we begin to live our lives to the fullest.

Every death changes the lives of those close to the deceased person. The ability to change and adapt to changes around you is the key to accepting and dealing with death. As in other aspects of our lives, the more we resist and fight against inevitable changes, the more pain we experience and the more unhappy we become.

In experiencing grief we may go through a full range of sometimes contradictory emotions such as denial, anger, sorrow, guilt, and relief. We may even fluctuate from feeling stable to being deeply depressed. Ultimately, we must arrive at acceptance, the last stage of the process. We know we have achieved this stage when we can see the life of our loved one as a fond memory instead of dwelling on the person’s death as a harsh reality. Only then can we go on living our own lives again.


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